Are You Committed to Your Health & Fitness but Your Partner is Simply Blowing it off as an Affair?

Make your significant other also fall in love with staying healthy just in time for Valentine’s Day with our health & wellness relationship advice!


If you’ve ever tried to keep a consistent diet or workout routine but have had a loved one not invested in your efforts, you can understand how difficult it can be to stay focused.  Living or spending most of your time with a partner who doesn’t share the same sentiments about health and wellness can be detrimental to not just their own health, but yours, too.  A study published by the Medical College of Georgia in Preventive Medicine found that “social support” for exercise was a top factor in determining the activity levels of both men and women (especially women!) of a variety of races and backgrounds.


Check out our “health and wellness relationship advice” below to improve the relationship between you, your partner, and your personal wellness goals!

1.  Investigate why your partner is not invested in his or her health.

Does your significant other feel defeated or hopeless when it comes to eating healthy?  Have they not found what makes them excited about exercising yet?  Does he or she feel intimidated and not know where to begin?  Having an honest, open conversation about the root of the problem can often lead to some surprising answers to help get your partner started.

2.   A sedentary lifestyle weighing your partner down?  Suggest participating in healthy alternative activities to do together.

Do you normally spend your nights relaxing on the couch watching Netflix with your significant other?  Propose a nightly walk around the block or a bike ride to the park as an alternative!  Ask your partner if they’d like to go outside to throw around a football; see what piques their interest.  Sometimes it takes something unique to break the harmful routine of being sedentary.

3.  Is there a diet-related issue at hand?  Set the menu and take charge of the groceries!

If you normally shop together with your other half, opt to go solo to the store and surprise your partner with groceries specifically chosen with your health in mind.  Then take charge each night and suggest a great wholesome home-cooked dinner before Chinese take-out is even a thought.  Including your partner in the cooking process can also help; bonding over making meals together can evolve into a fun activity!


4.  Lead by example and stay positive.

Rather than nudge, nag or “subtly” remind your partner about the detriments of a lopsided diet or lack of exercise, simply lead by example and stay positive.  Continue going to the gym and applaud your partner when he or she decides to tag along.  Positive reinforcement and affirmations, along with maybe a small reward here and there, can go a long way in changing a lifestyle.  Remember that habits don’t change overnight!



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