What in the World is Prehab?

A routine tennis match ends in a sidelining elbow injury.  Your nagging lower back pain becomes a slipped disk.  Find out how prehab can prevent these kinds of injuries.

A routine tennis match ends with a sidelining elbow injury. A typical morning run abruptly stops when a sharp turn results in an injured knee. Your nagging lower back pain turns out to be a slipped disc. No one wants injuries to occur, but accidents can happen to anyone. From professional athletes to recreational participants, injuries are all too commonplace in the sports and fitness industries. However, with the right preparation, the risk of injury can be reduced or even eliminated.


Prehabilitation, also known as “prehab”, is a relatively new form of strength training that is aimed at strengthening specific injury-prone areas with the intended goal of preventing injuries before they occur. Each pre-hab plan must be specifically tailored to the individual’s body, taking into account the weaknesses and imbalances in their movement patterns. The prehab plan for an elderly individual might focus more on overall balance and stability while a professional tennis player’s program would include a focus on shoulder mobility.


Correcting posture and form is also an integral part of prehab that helps to further deter potential injury. A common postural issue can develop from longs days sitting at a desk, bent over a computer. The shoulders can rotate forward severely, causing a shoulder impingement. This unnatural postural position is a perfect set up for a torn rotator cuff. Correcting posture through prehab ensures the individual has proper form and alignment. A personal trainer certified in Functional Movement can assess an individual’s posture and can create prehab exercises that aim to realign the body. Thus, a prehab routine enables the individual to begin seeing the results of their regular workout more quickly.


Prehabilitation programs likewise seek to prevent injuries that result from fatigue. A large percentage of injuries occur not because of sudden trauma, but because a person is overtired and thus begins to perform exercises incorrectly. While these types of injuries can seem sudden, they are actually extremely preventable. An effective prehab plan will ensure the body does not overcompensate with the wrong muscles while fatigued. Rather, prehab exercises work to stabilize the body and stop these common, avoidable fatigue injuries from occurring.


A final significant component of prehab is appropriate stretching. While many understand the importance of stretching to prevent injury, many do not understand how to stretch properly.

Prehab can be easily worked into a regular workout routine and does not take longer than ten or fifteen minutes. As the prehab trend continues to gain traction in the fitness industry, clients are reaping the benefits of this forward thinking method of injury prevention.



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