Firefly Aerial Yoga

This class is taught by:

Rachel Yoga Hangout SRQ

Rachel’s evolution into yoga began professionally in Montezuma, Costa Rica where she obtained her 200hr Teacher Certification though Joyful Yoga out of Bonita Springs, FL. There she was able to connect to the purity of the rainforest and bering its energy into her style of yoga.

Rachel went on to work within her community through Church of Motion where she is the Director of Community Outreach. In her role there she and others work on projects at a local, national, and global level addressing everything from childhood education to social equality and overall betterment.

Rachel is currently working on obtaining her Masters in Oriental Medicine at East West College. She hopes to integrate acupuncture and herbal medicine into her yoga practice. Rachel’s dream is to develop a whole body wellness center which focuses on bettering the mind, body, and soul.

Jenn VonGraupen

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Marina Luna

Marina Luna's practice of yoga has spanned for more than a decade. Through yoga, she has found that the greatest way to honor the body is through balance; a balance between strength and grace, movement and stillness, effort and ease. Marina has taught yoga in Asheville, North Carolina; Albany, New York; Brattleboro, Vermont; San Francisco, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and now in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. She finds yoga to beautifully ground her other passion, that of teaching and performing aerial arts, and blended the two by creating the aerial yoga program, Firefly, in 2010. She brings a joyful sense of curiosity to her classes where her love of music and motion is evident.
Aerial Yoga allows you to take your practice off the mat and into the air using a suspended fabric hammock. The use of the hammock aids in stability and flexibility, it also relieves tightness and compression of the joints. The hammock helps create stability for the spine when inverted acting as natural traction and creates both core and upper body strength. This class is appropriate for anyone comfortable with going upside down and trying new things!

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